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CAT6A Plenum Ethernet Cable

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FCCable's Shielded Indoor CAT6A Plenum Cable is ideal for your indoor voice, data, video and security networking applications. Some common applications for this type of cable include retrofitting installations which rely on interior cable runs that are not plenum rated. This cable is ideal for installing in plenum spacing because of its fire-resistant qualities. 
This Shielded, Indoor, CAT6A, Plenum cable features 8 conductors (4-Pairs) of solid bare copper with a CMP rated Jacket. Our Indoor Category 6A Shielded CMP Rated Plenum Cable is designed for residential/commercial indoor LAN applications and is resistant to fire and heat, making it the best solution for installation runs that require plenum rated cable. This cable contains the same fire-resistant compounds as our other plenum cables . Additionally, this cable has a tinned copper drain wire which grounds the electricity after it has been terminated. This drain wire is required on all shielded cable in order to prevent signal loss, cross-talk, and other performance issues. Our Shielded CAT 6A Indoor Plenum cable is tested up to speeds of 600MHz.

*High-Performance Data Communications Cable
*Suitable For 600MHz High-Speed Data Applications, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet And 155Mbps TP-PMD/CDDI
*Designed For Indoor Installations
*Category-6 A Shielded Twisted Pair (FTP) Plenum Cable
*4-Pair Easily Identified Color Striped Pairs
*23 AWG Solid Bare Copper Conductors
*Excellent Attenuation And Crosstalk Characteristics
*Exceeds EIA/TIA 568 C.2
*Sequential Length Markings on Jacket
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