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Plenum Coaxial Cable

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Product details

FCCable RG11 Coaxial Cable is commonly used for wiring satellite, digital CATV and HDTV television networking since it requires higher level of shielding for signal retention. The RG11 Coax Cable has a denser jacket and thicker conductor then RG6, so it can transfer data at double the speed. We supply RG11 dual shield cable to maximize signal retention for even sharper, clearer digital pictures. The RG11 Coaxial Cable tops out at 75 Ohms and sweep tested at 3GHz.

Coaxial Cable is used to transmit radio frequency energy. The advantage of coaxial is that the electromagnetic field carrying the signal occurs only in the space between the inner and outer conductors. With that said, it allows the cable to be installed next to metal objects without power loss. Coaxial Cable also provides protection of the signal from external electromagnetic interference. Coaxial Cables connects radio transmitters and receivers to their antennas, computer network (Internet) connections, digital audio (S/PDIF), and distributing cable television signals.
Product Quality

FCCable's high quality RG11 CATV Dual Shield Plenum CMP Coaxial Cable consists of a 14 AWG solid Copper Clad Steel (CCS) inner conductor that transmits the signal. It is wrapped in a dielectric polyethylene insulation. TThis is covered with a flame rated PVC jacket (CMP). The RG11 maintains better signal and works at a higher frequency then the RG6 but it is a thicker cable making it less flexible.
Where to use Dual Shielded Plenum Coaxial Cable
FCCable RG11 Plenum Coaxial Cable is made for Cable Television (CATV), audio/video networking, digital HDTV applications, TV antennas, and digital satellite installations. The cable's jacket is designated CMP, CL2P for Coaxial Cable use in plenum areas. The RG11 Coaxial Cable tops out at 75 ohms and sweep-tested 3GHz.

*Suitable For Digital HDTV Applications, CATVP, TV Antennas and *Digital Satellite Installations
*Sweep-Tested To 3.0 GHz
*75 Ohm
*14 AWG Solid Copper Covered Steel
*Plenum Rated
*Meets Current NEC Guidelines, CATVP, CMP
*RoHS Compliant
*ETL listed
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